Top Services at Coral Reef Resort & Spa, Havelock

Enhance your experience at Coral Reef Resort & Spa, Havelock with these additional facilities.



Candlelight Dinner

Looking for a romantic day of celebration with your loved one? Our professional service is here to offer with the finest inclusions such as candlelight on the pool Island
 and/or candlelight by the poolside.

Spa in Havelock


Coral Spa

A wellness retreat at Coral Spa offers a rejuvenating experience in Havelock that focuses on nurturing physical and mental wellbeing. Check out the therapies with offers that would suit you the best with the help of our masseurs.



Swimming Pool

Sit back and enjoy a peaceful time at the poolside as you relish your favourite cuisines and beverages. Feel refreshed after a swimming session at our resort in Havelock.



Romantic Escapes

Escape to a tantalising romantic rendezvous. Topped with the most exhilarating services, we welcome you to create beautiful memories. This service includes, flowerbed decoration and celebration cake.



Bartender Express

Order your choice of beverages from a wide range of assorted alcoholic drinks. Our collection presents at least one favourite beverage for every connoisseur. 



Ocean Prime Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

Choose from a range of Indian, Continental, and Oriental Cuisines from our restaurant in Havelock. Celebrate every special moment with your dear ones at our restaurant in Havelock.

Other Facilities