CSR and Sustainability


At Coral Reef Hotel and Resort we are passionate about caring for the local community and the environment. These are the main themes at the heart of our CSR:

  • We strive to alleviate pressure on natural resources by reducing energy, paper and water consumption in our hotel. We have also implemented actions to optimise waste management.
  • We are committed to offering a quality and authentic culinary experience to our guests while fighting against food waste and water waste. Among our selected suppliers are small farms or local businesses that adopt a sustainable model for their agriculture and packaging. 
  • We strive to prevent the use of plastic or to use as little plastic as possible. When a sustainable alternative is not available, we choose recycling practices.
  • We choose and work with partners who share sustainability and ethical values without compromising on the quality of their products and services.



Coral Reef Hotel & Resort is grounded in the ethos of green living and equal opportunities for the resident community at large in Havelock & Portblair. We foster an inclusive way of life and nurture our environment responsibly. While we are still in our infancy to achieve an ecologically responsible business model, we aspire to be early change makers and pave way for a healthy ecosystem that rightfully belongs to our current and future generations. Each of our purposeful, primary efforts is dedicated to achieving this vision by being conscious change-makers in the global community.

• A focused collaboration with our supplier chain and business associates to innovate and minimize the impact on the environment by conserving natural resources, minimizing waste and pollution in addition to monitoring and measuring key environmental factors.
• An increased level of commitment amongst our stakeholders -our employees, guests and the local community through educational workshops, awareness and active implementation.
• A solar system installed to supply 40% of the required energy.
• An in-house Kitchen Waste Water Treatment Facility
• Rainwater harvesting
• Hands-on practical training on sustainable practices to enhance employee awareness and understanding
• Plastic-free hotel, we use glass bottled waters across our guest areas
• In an effort to decrease the carbon footprint, our chefs source local and seasonal produce directly from farmers and local markets.
• Timely beach cleaning with designated dustbins
• Lush tree and foliage cover to improve the quality of oxygen
• Employment of women from the neighbourhood for gardening and utility work
• Maximum use of LED lighting
• Paper bags available for guest takeaways at the restaurant and reception
• Environmentally friendly guest activities including bicycles, volunteering, art, gardening etc.
• Full compliance with the A & N Island Pollution Control Board on all environmental parameters