founders at Coral Reef Group

Our Founder

Mr Anil Kumar Kandoi with all his experience oversees the operation of Coral Reef Hotel & Resort. His knowledge of the hospitality industry and skills to estimate a potential of an individual without a doubt has helped the brand to station some of the best marksmen in Coral Reef Hotel & Resort.

In the last 8 years since the establishment of Coral Reef Hotel & Resort, Mr Kandoi as a founder has been playing a pivotal role in paving the road to bring all the success and glory to Coral Reef Hotel & Resort - Andaman.


  1. Sustainable Tourism at Coral Reef Resorts:
    Embrace eco-friendly travel with Coral Reef Resorts, nestled on the pristine Havelock Island. Our commitment to sustainable tourism is reflected in our eco-conscious practices, from energy-efficient amenities to the preservation of natural surroundings. Experience responsible luxury and contribute to
    the conservation of this island paradise.
  2. Reinventing Hospitality at Coral Reef Resorts:
    Coral Reef Resorts redefines hospitality with a perfect blend of traditional warmth and contemporary elegance. Our personalised services and attention to detail ensure a unique and memorable stay. From gourmet dining experiences to bespoke activities, we constantly innovate to exceed your expectations and redefine what it means to be pampered.
  3. Young Groups of Individuals at Coral Reef Resorts:
    Coral Reef Resorts is the ultimate destination for young groups seeking adventure and relaxation. With a variety of water sports, vibrant nightlife, and cosy accommodations, we cater to the dynamic spirit of youth. Gather your friends for an unforgettable island getaway where excitement and tranquilly coexist.
  4. Employing More Female Staff - 40% at Coral Reef Resorts:
    At Coral Reef Resorts, we take pride in our diverse and inclusive workforce, with 40% female staff contributing to our success. We believe in empowering women and providing equal opportunities, which is reflected in our exceptional service and hospitality. Join us in supporting gender equality and enjoy a stay that's not just luxurious but also socially responsible.