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Multiple Dining Options

Experience Delightful Dining in Havelock

At Coral Reef Resort & Spa, indulge in our array of dining options, from fine dining to romantic candlelit dinners. Experience mouth-watering global cuisine during your stay with us!

lip-smacking cuisines in Havelock

Ocean Prime

Choose from a range of Indian, ContinentalĀ and Oriental Cuisines from our restaurant in Havelock.

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A bar by the poolside

Splash Pool Bar

Refresh yourself at Splash Pool Bar, where you can cool down and enjoy a cheerful drink. This experience of Havelock can be topped with a refreshing beverage, BBQ bitesĀ and live music out in the open.

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Sip, Savor, and Chill

5th Bistro Cafe & Bar

Indulge in rich, aromatic coffee sourced from the finest beans in the Havelock Islands, along with handcrafted cocktails and chilled beers.

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Inside view of a beach canopy with a dining table, lit by torches and surrounded by candles - Coral Reef Resort & Spa, Havelock

an enchanting dinner under the moonlight

Romantic Dinner

You can choose to have your dinner date on the beach, by the poolside, or in the pool. A romantic extravagant gateway is the perfect way to start a memorable date with your beloved.

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Watch a movie by the shore

Private Movie Experience By The Beach

The sea breeze is a great accompaniment to a movie on the beach. This private cinema offers a variety of movies that you can choose from our movie menu to be watched under a clear open sky.

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