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 have an unforgettable stay in Havelock

Exquisite Accommodations at Coral Reef Hotel & Resort

Experience the best of Swaraj Dweep, Havelock at Coral Reef Hotel & Resort. Our excellent rooms in Swaraj Dweep cater to all your vacation needs, boasting modern amenities like air-conditioning, a television, an in-room safe and free Wi-fi and premium features like a private balcony and a minibar for a delightful and comfortable stay. Relax with a serene cup of tea or coffee on your private balcony, soaking in the beautiful views. Experience Havelock to the fullest with us.

epitome of cosy accommodations 

Coral Azure

Indulge in ultimate comfort at Coral Reef Resort & Spa's Coral Azure rooms. Tailored for global travellers, these Havelock retreats boast modern amenities like air-conditioning, a television, a wardrobe and more. Relax on your private balcony, savouring drinks amidst Havelock's beauty.


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family-friendly accommodations

Coral Turquoise

Discover elegance and comfort in Coral Turquoise rooms in Swaraj Dweep. Spacious, with modern amenities including free Wi-fi and air-conditioning our rooms ensure an ethereal stay in Havelock.


suites with a view of the balcony

Coral Sapphire

Perched among coconut trees, Coral Sapphire suites at Coral Reef Resort & Spa offer a modern and memorable stay. With separate living rooms and additional amenities like a wardrobe and an in-room safe these suites ensure exceptional comfort.


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