The Best Itinerary for Andaman Islands

Planning a trip to the Andaman Islands is an exciting and unforgettable experience with tourist attractions sure to delight travellers of all ages. Whether you're looking for a beachy getaway or an adventure-filled vacation, it's important to understand this special destination's unique travel and tourism offerings. To help you out, here is everything you need to know before planning your next trip to the beautiful Andaman Islands!

How to reach Andaman

By Air: Most travellers prefer to reach the island by air since multiple domestic airlines fly from major cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Bangalore directly to Port Blair Airport on the main island of South Andaman.

By Sea: Alternatively, one can take a train ride to Chennai, Visakhapatnam, or Kolkata, after which they must sail by sea service that will take them straight to Port Blair. Each port has a different schedule you must check before booking.

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Travel Essentials

With its luscious mangrove forests and turquoise waters, the Andamans provide endless opportunities for exploration and adventure. There are plenty of activities to keep tourists busy during their stay, such as snorkeling in crystal clear waters or visiting tribal villages to experience the traditional culture firsthand.


An Andaman Coral Reef Resort & Spa, Havelock is the perfect destination for a luxurious and unforgettable food experience. Located near the Indian Ocean, the resort offers an abundance of seafood dishes prepared with fresh ingredients right from the ocean. From freshly caught grouper to succulent prawns, each meal is brimming with incredible flavour and local spices. The resort's restaurants provide an array of international cuisine combined with traditional recipes creating an unforgettable culinary experience. The chefs use only top-quality ingredients to bring out the exotic flavours that make this destination unique. Guests can also enjoy a variety of beverages, including tropical cocktails and local beer served by friendly staff in a warm atmosphere.

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As part of India's union territory, the region has its distinct language and many other languages that communities have brought with them to this tropical paradise. The official language of the Andamans is Bengali, which is spoken by over 40% of the population. Dialects such as Kukru, Malayalam and Hindi are widely used on the islands.

Banks and ATM's

Banks & ATMs in Andaman are a vital part of the islands' infrastructure. The capital city, Port Blair, is home to several bank branches, including the State Bank of India (SBI), Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) and Union Bank of India (UBI). These banks offer ATM services and other banking facilities such as money transfers, deposits and withdrawals.

In addition to these banks, there are also cash machines operated by private companies that offer 24/7 service. These include ICICI Bank's machines and HDFC Bank's cash points. For those travelling further afield in Andaman, numerous ATMs in remote areas provide access to funds when required.

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Best Time to Visit

The islands enjoy a year-round tropical climate, making them a popular vacation destination. The best time to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands is from October to June due to their mild temperatures. This is the ideal time to explore the beauty of Little Andaman and the surrounding areas while also taking advantage of great deals on accommodation.

Plus, since this period falls in high season for tourists, there are plenty of exciting activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling in crystal clear waters or exploring ancient ruins from past civilisations still scattered around the islands.

Places to Visit

Barren Island

Barren Island, located in the Andaman Sea, is an active volcano and the only confirmed active volcano in South Asia. It is part of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands archipelago, a union territory of India. This small island has been home to several volcanic eruptions since 1787, making it one of the most active volcanoes in this region. The Barren Island Volcano is about 2 km wide and rises 354 meters above sea level. British sailors reported the first recorded eruption during their visit in 1787.


Chidiya Tapu

Chidiya Tapu, located in the Andaman Islands, is a paradise for nature lovers and beach aficionados. The area is known as "Bird Island" due to its abundant bird life. It's also home to some of India's rarest species, like the Nicobar. The best time to spot these feathered beauties is between November and March when they flock here for nesting purposes.

Limestone Caves

Andaman's Limestone Caves are some of India's most stunning and unique landscapes. These caves have been around for centuries, but their beauty has only recently been discovered. The stunning crystal formations, vast caverns and intricate shapes of these limestone caves make them a must-see destination for travellers worldwide. The islands are home to hundreds of such caves, ranging from small dark passages to large open chambers with impressive rock formations. Each cave is unique and offers visitors a chance to experience different views and configurations within each one. Visitors can explore underground rivers, secret chambers and hidden passageways and even discover fossils embedded within the walls of these ancient caverns!


Active Mud Volcanoes

Mud volcanoes are geological features caused by the eruption of mud or liquids, gas and rock fragments. The Andaman Islands in India are home to a few active mud volcanoes scattered across the region's seabed. These unique geological formations provide insight into the dynamics of deep-seated sedimentary rocks and their associated fluids within the subduction zones. Formed because of pressure on weak spots in sedimentary rocks such as shale and sandstone, these mud volcanoes can reach heights up to 10 meters above sea level and have temperatures up to 150°C. They are characterised by thick layers of dark grey clay sediments around them, with some containing high concentrations of hydrocarbons and other minerals. In addition to its beauty, this phenomenon offers an opportunity for geologists to explore potential fuel sources that can be utilised for energy production.

Andaman is a beautiful and diverse destination fit for all sorts of travellers. With its stunning beaches, vibrant culture and friendly locals, Andaman offers something for everyone. Before planning a trip to the Andaman Islands, it's important to research each island's passport requirements and budget. Additionally, the best time to visit Andaman is during the summer months from April to June when temperatures are most pleasant. 

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